We are currently featuring some WIH programming which stands for Women in Hockey.  These broadcasts are seasonal, so check back at this site for dates and times.

Women in Hockey

Hockey has not been a male-oriented sport since the Women’s Hockey World Cup, which was held for the first time ever in 1974. It is a field hockey competition for female hockey players. All of the qualifications as well as the final tournament follow the same lines as the men’s competition. The tournament is organized by the FIH, which stands for the International Hockey Federation that merged with the IFWHA, which stands for the International Federation of Women’s Hockey Associations back in 1982.

This competition has been held once every 4 years ever since the merge happened, and it takes place on the same year as the men’s hockey world cup event, which is mid cycle between the Olympic games of the summer. Since the tournament began, four teams have been dominating it. These 4 teams are Australia, Germany, Australia and the Netherlands. The Netherland is the most successful one as it has won the golden trophy for 7 times while the rest of the teams won the title of the competition twice each. There is no limit on the number of teams in the competition as the number of teams kept increasing from 10 countries in 1974 and to 16 countries in the upcoming 2018 edition.

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